IVS Analysis Centre

Since November 2008, DGFI-TUM is an operational analysis center (AC) of the International VLBI Service for Geodesy and Astrometry (IVS). The operational status implicates the responsibility to analyze all standard (non-intensive) geodetic and astrometric observing sessions (e.g., IVS-R1 and IVS-R4 sessions) with a timeliness of less than one day after the release of the database (version 4+) or NGS file at one of the IVS data centers. For the generation of the combined IVS products, DGFI-TUM provides constraint-free (as regards the realization of the geodetic datum) normal equations in the SINEX format. Those contain VLBI station and radio source positions as well as Earth orientation parameters (EOP). Auxiliary parameters (clock and troposphere parameters) are reduced from the normal equations in advance. The combined IVS products are generated by the IVS Combination Centre, jointly operated by the Bundesamt für Kartographie und Geodäsie (BKG) and DGFI-TUM.

Currently, VLBI analyses at DGFI-TUM are performed with the OCCAM VLBI software package that has been developed by various groups and authors over many years. At DGFI-TUM, a LINUX-based OCCAM version is installed for routine analyses and research purposes. Future IVS operations shall be performed with a new software called DOGS-RI (Radio Interferometry) which is currently under development by the VLBI analysis group at DGFI-TUM. DOGS-RI will be part of the "DGFI Orbit and Geodetic parameter estimation Software" (DOGS).

Selected Publications