IGS Regional Network Associate Analysis Centre for SIRGAS (IGS RNAAC SIR)

[SIRGAS reference frame realization SIR15P01: Multi-year solution for 456 GNSS stations.]

DGFI-TUM is responsible for the IGS Regional Network Associate Analysis Centre for SIRGAS (IGS RNAAC SIR) since June 1996. The institute computes and delivers loosely constrained weekly solutions for the reference frame SIRGAS-CON (SIRGAS Continuously Operating Network) to the IGS (International GNSS Service). These solutions are combined together with those generated by the other global and regional IGS Analysis Centres to form the IGS Polyhedron. The processing of the SIRGAS-CON reference frame also includes the computation of weekly station positions referring to the current ITRF (International Terrestrial Reference Frame) and accumulative position and velocity solutions for estimating the kinematics of the network.

The position and velocity solutions are introduced as reference coordinates for surveying applications (GPS positioning, cadastre, etc.) in Latin America, the weekly station positions support scientific and practical projects requiring coordinate time-dependence.

DGFI-TUM computes a SIRGAS core network that is further densified by sub-networks which are processed by eight SIRGAS Local Processing Centres. The individual contributions are integrated in a unified solution by the SIRGAS Combination Centres DGFI-TUM and IBGE (Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística). Weekly stations positions as well as multi-year solutions are available in our section on Science Data Products.

Selected Publications

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