International Laser Ranging Service (ILRS)

Within the International Laser Ranging Service (ILRS) DGFI actively participates as:

DGFI acts as Operation Centre and Global Data Centre in its function as EUROLAS Data Centre (EDC) by

DGFI contributions as Analysis Centre are:

  • Routinely processing of satellite laser ranging data of the global SLR station network to LAGEOS-1/2 and ETALON-1/2.
  • For special investigations (e.g. determination of GM) inclusion of the data of other satellites with laser reflectors (e.g. Starlette and Ajisai).
  • Daily and weekly computation of station positions and Earth Orientation Parameters (pole coordinates and length of day)
  • Computation of global long-term SLR solutions with station coordinates and velocities.
  • Daily computation of range and time biases from all SLR stations and publication through WWW

For more informations and results of the DGFI SLR solutions refer to the DGFI ILRS-AC Webpages.

Selected Publications