Consistent dynamic satellite reference frames and terrestrial geodetic datum parameters

[Satellite constellation]

Reference frames are the basis for the quantification of processes in the Earth's system and thus essential for referencing monitored global change parameters such as sea level change. The future requirements on the reference frames in terms of accuracy, long-term stability and reliability will necessitate an entirely physically based datum definition and realisation. Dynamic satellite reference frames bear the potential for novel concepts for datum realisation. Access to the centre of mass can only be provided by dynamic reference frames realised by satellite orbits. Global navigation satellite systems as well as low Earth orbiting satellites are not yet fully exploited for retrieval of datum parameters (that are origin, scale and orientation of the reference frame). The improvement of orbit models is, however, a prerequisite as deficiencies in radiation pressure modelling today affect datum realisation and geodetic parameter time series.

The main goal of the project is the maximum exploitation of available satellites (different orbit heights, different inclinations, different tracking techniques, and thus different sensitivity w.r.t. several datum parameters) to realise a dynamic reference frame with high accuracy, long-term stability and reliability.

[Time series of SLR origin w.r.t. Earth's crust (z component)]
Time series of SLR network scale

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