Science Data Products

In the framework of its basic research, DGFI-TUM generates various science data products that are of general interest for the geodetic and wider geoscientific community. The products are generated to the best of our knowledge; they are carefully validated, documented and distributed in the hope that they will be useful for a variety of applications.

As far as the products are provided with individual data DOI numbers, we request to reference the use of the data accordingly. Background information on the particular data sets can be found in the provided reference publications, detailed descriptions of content and format are provided on the web pages of the data repositories.

We kindly ask all users of DGFI-TUM products to inform us about projects and scientific publications in which our data have been used (Email). This information will help us to better identify the need of the community and thus to further improve our products.

Please note that we provide these products without warranty, expressed or implied, as to their use or appropriateness, and there are no warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or use.

Global and regional reference frames, station positions and Earth orientation parameters

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