Opportunities for Master's Theses / Masterarbeiten

Currently the following opportunities for Master's Theses are open at DGFI-TUM. We also welcome your own suggestions! In case of interest please do not hesitate to contact us.

All theses can be written in English or German.

Reference Systems

Satellite Altimetry

Atmosphere Research

Regional Gravity Field

Completed Master' Theses

  • 2019: Nominal and observation-based attitude realization for precise orbit determination of the Jason satellites (TUM, M.Sc. Geodäsie & Geoinformation)
  • 2019: Transformation of B-spline models of VTEC into spherical harmonic representations (TUM, M.Sc. Geodäsie & Geoinformation)
  • 2019: Improving water level estimations of lakes and rivers by advanced analysis of altimeter observations (TUM, M.Sc. Environmental Engineering)
  • 2018: Einfluss des Weltraumwetters auf geodätisch bestimmbare Ionosphärenparameter (TUM, M.Sc. Geodäsie & Geoinformation)
  • 2018: Analysis of extreme droughts in East Brazil based on satellite altimetry and other remote sensing techniques (TUM, M.Sc. Environmental Engineering)
  • 2018: Design and test of a scheme for performance assessment of Significant Wave Height data (TUM, M.Sc. ESPACE)
  • 2018: Does the coastal mean sea level variability differ from the global trend? (TUM, M.Sc. ESPACE)
  • 2018: Retrieving coastal sea level from early satellite altimeters (TUM, M.Sc. ESPACE)
  • 2018: Regional coastal altimetry in China based on multi-missions (TUM, M.Sc. ESPACE)
  • 2017: Lead Detection in Polar Oceans using CryoSat-2 SAR Observations (TUM, M.Sc. ESPACE)
  • 2017: Using ICESat laser altimeter data for the detection of open water returns in sea ice regions (TUM, M.Sc. ESPACE)
  • 2017: Coastal Sea State Bias: correcting coastal sea level by studying the relation between wind, waves and the radar signals (TUM, M.Sc. ESPACE)
  • 2017: Adaptive Modelling of the Vertical Total Electron Content of the Earth's Ionosphere (TUM, M.Sc. ESPACE)
  • 2017: Deformation model of the Alpine region inferred from GNSS observations (TUM, M.Sc. ESPACE)
  • 2016: Berechnung von zeitlichen Variationen der Wasservolumina in Feuchtgebieten aus der Kombination von Satellitenaltimetrie und Fernerkundung – Beispielregion Pantanal (TU Wien, M.Sc. Geodäsie)
  • 2016: Pulse-limited Altimeter Waveform Simulator (TUM, M.Sc. ESPACE)
  • 2016: Regionaler Meeresspiegeltrend in der Deutschen Bucht – Vergleich zwischen Satellitenaltimetrie und Pegelmessungen (TUM, M.Sc. Geodäsie & Geoinformation)
  • 2016: Hochfrequente Variation der Erdrotation: Physikalischer Hintergrund und numerische Simulation (TUM, M.Sc. Geodäsie & Geoinformation)
  • 2015: Studying water level variations of wetlands from satellite altimetry – case study Sudd Swamp (TUM, M.Sc. ESPACE)
  • 2015: Verwendung von Schiffsgravimetermessungen für die verbesserte regionale Schwerefeldmodellierung (TUM, M.Sc. Geodäsie & Geoinformation)

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