The scientific activities of DGFI-TUM are oriented towards geodetic basic research, guided by the vision that geodesy can provide a high-precision, consistent and long-term valid metric for Earth system sciences.

In strong international and interdisciplinary collaboration, DGFI-TUM aims at the determination and provision of accurate and consistent geometrical and physical parameters related to the Earth's geometry, gravity field and rotation. In this context, DGFI-TUM processes, analyses and combines observations from various space-geodetic observation systems and complementary data sources and publicly provides the results through various data portals. The institute operates several worldwide distributed geodetic observing stations and contributes to the operation and scientific data processing of the Geodetic Observatories Wettzell (Germany) and AGGO (Argentina) in the frame of the Forschungsgruppe Satellitengeodäsie (FGS). Our research is related to and benefits strongly from DGFI-TUM's activities in International Scientific Organisations, in which several staff members take leading positions and thus contribute to shaping the future direction of international geodetic research.

The research at DGFI-TUM is structured into two research areas, each subdivided into several research topics, and three cross-cutting research topics:

Research areas:

Cross-cutting research topics:

Since many years the institute has been taking a leading position in the realisation of global and regional horizontal and vertical terrestrial reference systems and of the celestial reference system from a combined analysis of various geometrical space-geodetic observing systems. In the field of satellite altimetry DGFI-TUM computes global and regional variations of the sea-level on different time-scales as well as water level time series for globally distributed inland water bodies from all altimetry missions since 1992. The research areas are complemented by the thee cross-cutting research topics Atmosphere, Regional Gravity Field, and Standards and Conventions. The latter topic is closely linked to the GGOS Bureau of Products and Standards that is chaired by DGFI-TUM and operated in the frame of the FGS.

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