Externally funded projects

Reference Systems


Direct Geocentric Realisation of the American reference frame by combination of geodetic observation Techniques (DFG)

ESA-EOPIndependent generation of Earth Orientation Parameters (ESA)
Combination of geodetic space observations for estimating cryospheric mass changes and their impact on Earth rotation (DFG)

Reference Systems (PN5)

Consistent celestial and terrestrial reference frames by improved modeling and combination (DFG)

Reference Systems (PN6)

Consistent dynamic satellite reference frames and terrestrial geodetic datum parameters (DFG)

Satellite Altimetry


Variations in ocean currents, sea-ice concentration, and sea surface temperature along the North-East coast of Greenland (DFG)

SSCCISea State Climate Change Initiative (ESA)
SLCCISea Level Climate Change Initiative (ESA)


Refined estimates of absolute water levels for inland waters from multi-mission satellite altimetry (DFG)



Advanced Multi-Constellation EGNSS Augmentation and Monitoring Network and its Application in Precision Agriculture (EU Horizon2020)


Interactions of Low-orbiting Satellites with the Surrounding Ionosphere and Thermosphere (DFG)


Operational Tool for Ionospheric Mapping And Prediction (ZGeoBW)

TIKOperational prototype for the determination of the thermonspheric density on the basis of a coupled thermosphere-ionosphere model (BMWi/DLR)

Regional Gravity Field


Optimally combined regional geoid models for the realization of height systems in developing countries (DFG)

Recently finished projects


Development of a novel adaptive model to represent global ionosphere information from combining space geodetic measurement systems (DLR)

Clivar-HYDROSignals of Climate Variability in Continental Hydrology from Multi-Sensor Space and In-situ Observations and Hydrological Modeling (IGSSE)

Earth Rotation (P6)

Integration of Earth rotation, gravity field and geometry using geodetic space techniques (DFG)

RegGrav II

Determination of high resolution regional geoid models (ZGeoBW)

REWAPMonitoring and Prediction of Regional Water Availability for Agricultural Production under the Influence of Climate Anomalies and Weather Extremes (IGSSE)


Consistent Estimate of Ultra-High Resolution Earth Surface Gravity Data (DFG)

WLDYNAssessing the spatiotemporal dynamics of water volumes in large wetlands and lakes by combining remote sensing with macro-scale hydrological modelling (DFG)