Baltic+ SEAL: Sea Level Changes in the Baltic Sea from Multi-Mission Satellite Altimetry

Data and description:


Dr. Marcello Passaro

When using the data, please cite the following open access article:

Passaro M., Müller F.L., Oelsmann J., Rautiainen L., Dettmering D., Hart-Davis M.G., Abulaitijiang A., Andersen O.B., Høyer J.L., Madsen K.S., Ringgaard I.M., Särkkä J., Scarrott R., Schwatke S., Seitz F., Tuomi L., Restano M., Benveniste J.: Absolute Baltic Sea Level Trends in the Satellite Altimetry Era: A Revisit, Frontiers in Marine Science, under review (2021).

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The study is also subject of an ESA press release.

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