Papers/Reports 2023

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Dettmering D., Schwatke C.: Comparison of different methods to account for the plasmaspheric electron content in GNSS-derived ionospheric altimeter corrections and their impact on sea level trend estimation. Earth, Planets and Space, 75(7), 10.1186/s40623-023-01764-0, 2023 (Open Access)
Glomsda M., Seitz M., Angermann D.: Comparison of Simultaneous VGOS and Legacy VLBI Sessions. In: Kyla L. Armstrong, Dirk Behrend, and Karen D. Baver (Eds.), IVS 2022 General Meeting Proceedings, 2023
Halicki M., Schwatke C., Niedzielski T.: The impact of the satellite ground track shift on the accuracy of altimetric measurements on rivers: A case study of the Sentinel-3 altimetry on the Odra/Oder River. Journal of Hydrology, 128761, 10.1016/j.jhydrol.2022.128761, 2023 (Open Access)
Jerez G.O., Hernández-Pajares M., Goss A., Prol F.S., Alves D.B.M., Monico J.F.G., Schmidt M.: Two-way assessment of ionospheric maps performance over the Brazilian region: Global versus regional product. Space Weather, 21, 10.1029/2022SW003252, 2023 (Open Access)
Kehm A., Hellmers H., Bloßfeld M., Dill R., Angermann D., Seitz F., Hugentobler U., Dobslaw H., Thomas M., Thaller D., Böhm J., Schönemann E., Mayer V., Springer T., Otten M., Bruni S., Enderle W.: Combination strategy for consistent final, rapid and predicted Earth rotation parameters. Journal of Geodesy, 97(3), 10.1007/s00190-022-01695-w, 2023 (Open Access)
Laignel B., Vignudelli S., Almar R., Becker M., Bentamy A., Benveniste J., Birol F., Frappart F., Idier D., Salameh E., Passaro M., Menendez M., Simard M., Turki E.I., Verpoorter C.: Observation of the Coastal Areas, Estuaries and Deltas from Space. Surveys in Geophysics, 10.1007/s10712-022-09757-6, 2023 (Open Access)
Liu A., Wang N., Dettmering D., Li Z., Schmidt M., Liang W., Yuan H.: Using DORIS Data for Validating Real-Time GNSS Ionosphere Maps. Advances in Space Research, 10.1016/j.asr.2023.01.050, 2023
Liu Q.: Regional gravity field refinement for geoid height modeling based on the combination of data from various observation techniques. DGK, C 896, Dissertation, Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften, München, ISBN 978-3-7696-5308-3, 2023
Magalhaes J.M., Lapa I.G., Santos-Ferreira, A.M., da Silva, J.C.B., Piras F., Moreau T., Amraoui S., Passaro M., Schwatke C., Hart-Davis M., Maraldi C., Donlon C.: Using a Tandem Flight Configuration between Sentinel-6 and Jason-3 to Compare SAR and Conventional Altimeters in Sea Surface Signatures of Internal Solitary Waves. Remote Sensing, 15(2), 392, 10.3390/rs15020392, 2023 (Open Access)
Müller F. L., Paul S., Hendricks S., Dettmering D.: Monitoring Arctic thin ice: a comparison between CryoSat-2 SAR altimetry data and MODIS thermal-infrared imagery. The Cryosphere, 17(2), 809-825, 10.5194/tc-17-809-2023, 2023 (Open Access)
Passaro M., Juhl M.-C.: On the potential of mapping sea level anomalies from satellite altimetry with Random Forest Regression. Ocean Dynamics, 73(2), 107-116, 10.1007/s10236-023-01540-4, 2023 (Open Access)
Rudenko S., Dettmering D., Zeitlhöfler J., Alkahal R., Upadhyay D., Bloßfeld M.: Radial orbit errors of contemporary altimetry satellite orbits. Surveys in Geophysics, 10.1007/s10712-022-09758-5, 2023 (Open Access)
Rudenko S., Zeitlhöfler J., Bloßfeld M.: DGFI-TUM DSO1 orbits of altimetry satellites TOPEX/Poseidon, Jason-1, Jason-2 and Jason-3 derived from SLR data in the SLRF2014 reference frame (data). Deutsches Geodätisches Forschungsinstitut, Zenodo, 10.5281/zenodo.7441352, 2023 (Open Access)
Schlembach F., Ehlers F., Kleinherenbrink M., Passaro M., Dettmering D., Seitz F., Slobbe C.: Benefits of fully focused SAR altimetry to coastal wave height estimates: A case study in the North Sea. Remote Sensing of Environment, 289, 113517, 10.1016/j.rse.2023.113517, 2023
Schwatke C., Halicki M., Scherer D.: High-Resolution Water Surface Slopes from Multi-Mission Satellite Altimetry (data). Zenodo, 10.5281/zenodo.7709474, 2023 (Open Access)
Sulzbach R., Hart-Davis M.G., Dettmering D., Thomas M.: Regularized Empirical Variance-Covariance-Matrices for stochastic gravity modeling of 8 major ocean tides (data). Deutsches Geodätisches Forschungsinstitut, GFZ Data Services, 10.5880/nerograv.2023.003, 2023 (Open Access)
Zeitlhöfler J., Bloßfeld M., Rudenko S., Dettmering D., Seitz F.: Station-dependent satellite laser ranging measurement corrections for TOPEX/Poseidon. Advances in Space Research, 71(1), 975-996, 10.1016/j.asr.2022.09.002, 2023

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