IDS Associate Analysis Center

As an Associated Analysis Center (AAC) of the International DORIS Service (IDS), DGFI-TUM focuses primarily on improved determination of the orbits of altimetry satellites. Highly accurate and long-term stable orbit information for these satellites is a prerequisite for the determination of the sea level and its long-term global and regional changes using satellite altimetry.

For the orbit determination with the microwave geodetic observation technique DORIS (Doppler Orbithography and Radiopositioning Integrated by Satellite), DGFI-TUM has extended its DGFI Orbit and Geodetic Parameter Estimation Software (DOGS) with current satellite macro-models and other satellite-specific information for Topex/Poseidon and the satellites of the Jason family. The parameters currently included in DGFI-TUM's DORIS orbit solutions are

  • Keplerian elements (once per arc),
  • solar radiation scaling factor (once per arc),
  • Earth albedo and infrared radiation scaling factor (once per arc),
  • atmospheric drag scaling factor (every 12 hours),
  • empirical acceleration in the cross-track and along-track directions (every 12 hours),
  • DORIS station beacon frequency bias (once per station path)

Follow this link to read more about DGFI-TUM's research related to DORIS data analysis.

Selected Publications

Moreaux G., Capdeville H., Abbondanza C., Bloßfeld M., Lemoine J.-M., Ferrage P.: A comparison of the DTRF2014, ITRF2014, and JTRF2014 solutions using DORIS. In: Altamimi Z., Dick W. R. (Eds.), IERS Technical Note No. 40, 2020

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